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Ride Like Crazy 2010

Ride Like Crazy 2010 was a great success - with almost 2000 riders enjoying a fun day, with a great purpose - achieving fantastic results.

The fund raising efforts of all involved resulted in an amazing $160,000 being raised for our nominated RLC 2010 charities!

In August a presentation ceremony was held at the Women's and Children's Hospital where we handed over an $80,000 cheque to both the Women's and Children's Hospital Foundation and the Neurosurgical Research Foundation.

What will this mean to the two charities?

Women's and Children's Hospital Foundation

The funds provided to the Women's and Children's Hospital Foundation will be used to build a 'Pain Distraction' room. This is a great concept aimed at helping children deal with pain. The idea is that by careful 'distraction' we can reduce anxiety for children and families. The distraction rooms incorporate multi-media and bright murals on the walls and ceilings to compliment many approaches clinicians use to prepare a child for painful but often life saving procedures. The space is enhanced by storing much of the medical equipment required out of the patients field of view.

Neurosurgical Research Foundation

The funding provided to the Neurosurgical Research Foundation will be used to purchase a NanoZoomer which digitises and analyses cells - with specific use in brain tumour research. This is a significant piece of equipment that will help in the treatment of cancer. The allocation of funds is a very effective and worthwhile contribution to prevention and treatment.

Again - thanks for 2010 and lets make 2011 even more special!